Team Members


Current Team Members

Dr Afshan Malik
Dr Hannah Rosa   Research Assistant
Mayra Vera Aviles   PhD Student
Elisabeth Thubron   PhD Student

Eliane Menezes

PhD Student

aakruti kaikini

Visiting PhD Student

Maria Joao.jpg

Maria Joao Meneses

Visiting PhD Student

Safa Khan

Research Assistant

Lucrezia Bruno

MRes Student


Previous Team Members

Elisabeth Thubron (PhD student,2013-2017) 

Kiran Hoolsy-Chandani (2014-2016)

Saima Ajaz (PhD Student, 2012-2016)

Saman Mirzaei (PhD Student, 2010-2015)

Anna Czajka (PhD Student, 2010-2014, postdoc 2014-2016)

Professor Akram Shah (visiting professor 2003-2010)

Professor Fasih Ansari (visiting professor 2006-2014)

Rojeen Shahni (RA 2006-2008, PhD Student, 2008-2010, postdoc 2011-2013)

Ghada Al-Kafaji (part time PhD Student, 2004-2009)

Ana Ledesma (Postdoc 2009-2010)

Abbas Laftah (Postdoc 2010-2011)

Mohammed El-Mahdi (PhD Student, 2001-2005)

Quratulain Zaidi (PhD Student, 1996-1999)

Ceri Morris (PhD Student, 1995-1998)

Rachel Gallagher (RA 1991-1992, PhD Student 1993-1996)

Neal Walkley (PhD Student, 1992-1995)

Recent MSc/MRes students

Surabhi Rao (MSc Student, 2016-2017) 

Durrah Ridwan (MRes Student, 2015-2016)

Priyanka Tamang (MSc Student, 2015-2016)

Danielle Kydd-Sinclair (MSc Student, 2014-2015)

Sri de Mel Smith (MSc student)

Kiran Hoolsy-Chandani (MSc Student 2010-2011)

If you did your masters degree research project in Dr Malik's lab and would like to be added to this page please get in touch with us.